Purpose of the Consultancy

The Consultancy itself is designed to

  • Introduce Small-business Owners and Small-business Consultants/Freelancers to each other
  • Offer Owners a trusted, go-to resource for quick, reliable, actionable advice on next steps
  • Offer Consultants access to potential clients
  • Coach Owners on clarifying their requests for guidance
  • Verify interaction interaction outcomes to continually improve the experience for all

Purpose of the Trial

During this first trial, we will examine just two aspects of the service:

  1. The process of relatively quick interactions between small-business owners and small-business consultants, and, above all,
  2. Whether this type of service is worthwhile for both Owners and Consultants.

The Trial Experience

We’re trying a “speed networking” format. Small-business Owners, prepared with one or more imminent hurdles they want guidance on, will rotate among different small-business Consultants, and meet with each for 5 minutes.

While we are focusing on the process during this trial, rather than any specific Consultant-Owner interaction outcome, we want interactions to be useful for both parties. We want each interaction to strive to develop a clear statement of the problem, actionable advice to clear an imminent hurdle, and a plan for next steps. In 5 minutes.

To help Owners clarify their issue or issues so the insanely short sessions are action-focused, on the registration form we’ll provide Owners with some guiding questions, and may send a pre-event worksheet. Plus, at the beginning of the event, we’ll have time for Q&A on how to further clarify what they want to accomplish.

Ahead of this market research trial, we will provide Consultants with Owners’ stated issue(s), and will provide Owners with a list of Consultant specialties.

At times during the Speed Networking, we will break for reactions and suggestions on the process, and modify the trial procedure if indicated.

  What’s in it for You

  1. Participating as a Consultant: you will meet potential clients who are ready to work with Consultants.
  2. Participating as an Owner: you will get skilled, customized guidance.
  3. Participating as an Observer: you’ll be documenting a piece of history, and take away some great ideas.
  4. Everyone will meet colleagues for future collaborations and/or referrals.
  5. If we determine that an on-demand, virtual consultancy adds value and could be sustainable, we’ll invite you to participate as Founding Members of PinkSpace, with some special privileges, promotions, and discounts.
  6. You’ll be part of creating a new social good: something that has reciprocal benefits for all participants.