After the First One

We did it. We took a risk.
And we got a thumbs up to keep building.

When – On October 28, 2019, the PinkSpace Experiment 1.0 design team and our willing participants, small-business owners and consultants, conducted a market research experiment using “speed networking”.

What – We were testing the idea of relatively quick interactions between consultants and clients. This is one of the services PinkSpace hopes to develop and introduce next year. And, we wanted to find out if this type of service is worthwhile for both owners and consultants.

Lean Startup Experiment with volunteers modeling client-consultant sessions in a new way.

Making history. Small-business owners & consultants experiment with ways to help each other get the most out of the transaction.

What now? – I’m overwhelmingly happy about the outcome. So, immediately, I started procrastinating the next step. Okay, I wasn’t quite sure what it was supposed to be.

Now stalled for two weeks, I take a step back to reflect upon where we’ve been.

Next steps – Conversations over the past 6 months, including throughout the experiment, and in our team debrief, indicate these actions as next:

  • Compile notes from the experiment conversations; publish.
  • Create, send, and analyze results of experience evaluation to our participants.
  • Start considering other activities to further test the PinkSpace concepts.
  • Develop and market a Minimum Viable Product to learn, revise, measure, repeat.

The one where

PinkSpace invites you to help create a new social good.

How can we build a virtual, on-demand consultancy that serves small-business owners, and is valuable to all participants?

This consultancy is the first PinkSpace service we are testing whether and how to launch.

Goals of the Consultancy

  • Inspire strategic connections between local small-business owners and small-business consultants/freelancers
  • Offer owners a trusted, go-to resource for quick, reliable, actionable advice on next steps
  • Offer Consultants access to potential clients
  • Coach Owners on clarifying their requests for guidance
  • Verify interaction outcomes to continually improve the experience for all

What’s in it for You?

  • Small-business Consultants and Freelancers: you will meet potential clients who are ready to work with Consultants.
  • Small-business Owners: you will get skilled, customized guidance.
  • Everyone will meet colleagues for future collaborations and/or referrals.
  • You’ll be part of creating a new social good: something that has reciprocal benefits for all participants.

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Thank you to our Experiment participants. These professionals volunteered a weeknight to help PinkSpace. The collective wisdom a true gift.

Graphic on black background stating thank you and each letter is colored and decorated differently.

Very special thanks to our design team. You each added tremendously, and I learned so much.