Who We Are

An experienced sounding board to test and shape our ideas. We have each others’ backs.

PinkSpace Collective

PinkSpace Collective fosters camaraderie, connections, and collaboration among self-employed women, including entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, and other small business owners. We are based in Madison, Wisconsin.

The benefits of working, learning, and teaching in a community are countless. And these benefits ripple out beyond our professional lives into our cities, regions, and world. We create better when we do it together — in an environment of respect for the whole individual. We encourage you to experiment with being your best self in work and in life. At the same time, PinkSpace Collective provides indispensable tools and solutions catered to the nuanced needs of self-employed women. Our business is your business.

Our Vision

We believe that a world where successful, self-employed women are the norm will create a ripple effect of community building, which will change our local business and community landscapes and positively influence our region, state, country, and world. Equipping women with the broad-scale capacity and confidence to plan, organize, and succeed is the solution to many societal problems today. The PinkSpace Vision is to contribute to a reality where self-employed women have access to the tools, expertise, and community they need to build and sustain successful livelihoods that benefit themselves, each other, and all.