"Cheerio" says Elaine Glowacki, cofounder of PinkSpace Collective. PinkSpace closed on December 31, 2019

PinkSpace Collective LLC says thank you and good night.

It’s been 5 years of learning, building, and measuring. These are the clarified goals for PinkSpace:

 • Grow a virtual collective of self-employed women, within which women intentionally seek connections with other women for reciprocal support and mutual success in their endeavors.

Encourage Collective members to imagine advocacy as an extension of what they already do; and support advocacy groups in taking advantage of the Collective’s atypical volunteers and their gifts.

The ride was amazing and a lot of hard work. I got here with support from many giving people and the abundant free or low-cost programs, services, and experiences for entrepreneurs here in Madison, Wisconsin.

Throughout, I was seeking a business partner because, you know. Never closed the deal. I don’t want to be at the helm alone anymore, so I’m letting go.

PinkSpace Collective is closed as of 12/31/19.

Thank you to all who participated, advised, promoted, financed, and otherwise supported PinkSpace. I will do my best to pay it forward. 


Elaine Friedman Glowacki